Why us?

Four reasons why Revolution Digital is a good choice

1 We are insight-led, not capability-led

What do we mean by that? Put simply, we put the needs of your business BEFORE your digital presence.

Most agencies believe that if they CAN do it, they should. Let's do whizzy-bang! If you’re a marketing agency, that pays the bills, but it doesn't build the best return for the client.

Not everyone should be piling into social media or building mobile apps - by taking the time to understand your strategy and your market place, we'll guide you on the best channels and platforms for your digital investment so it works for you. 


2 By entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

Revolution was founded by entrepreneurs, and we passionately believe in the power of entrepreneurial thinking. Our culture is innovative and agile. We brain storm and then sleep on it. Minimum viable products. Lean startups.

That means we are always thinking about how digital assets can grow your business.

3 Emotional intelligence

Our passion is using intelligent, commercial starting points to build digital worlds that people like/ love/ buy/ talk about/ remember through the same emotions that make them sit down and watch two hours films, or become brand evangelists.

Bridges between the rational and the emotional. The power of story; the power of adventure. Harnessed creativity!

4 Customer service and quality assurance (QA)

The bits that most agencies don’t highlight and quietly don’t deliver on. But whether you’re into the journey or the destination, you can’t get away from the fundamental importance of these two activities. Expect time included in our proposals for project management and QA – rather than hide or absorb them elsewhere, we’re upfront about their value.

Our services and culture suit organisations on a journey, whether it’s startup, growth, or other substantive change.

It’s a story with a difference.