Website Security

CMS websites are increasingly vulnerable to hackers

Why? Because as time passes, security vulnerabilities emerge in older website code, making older sites vulnerable to attack and security compromise.

Automated scripts trawl the web looking for older versions of websites to hack into. When they find them they replace pages with adverts which then get picked up by Google in search results.

This can take days to fix and cause enormous reputational damage.

To minimise the risk of this happening to your website, Revolution provides two website maintenance services:

1 Catchup!

Catchup! is a one-off upgrade service that updates the code behind your website to the latest version to fix all accumulated security vulnerabilities and make your site safe. 

2 Aftercare!

Aftercare! is an annual subscription service that closes security vulnerabilities in real time as soon as they are found. Your subscription covers all the upgrades and coding changes that are required to restore your site to full working order.


Revolution quotes for each job as the work involved varies depending on the complexity of your website.

Call us today and protect your website and reputation.