Social Media

Social Media for Business

There is a huge difference between ‘doing social media’ and doing it well.

The potential is vast: engage with your clients 1:1, generate leads, market intelligence, competitor intelligence, crisis manage, bolster search, put a human face on your company – the list goes on.

It also has the potential to chew resource with no results. The difference is largely down to planning, targeting, and experience.

Revolution offers FOUR social media products with completely scalable pricing. Each one is based on our Minimum Effective Time (MET) methodology to make sure that out time is spent wisely and your spending achieves maximal impact.

1 Participate!

Get started on social media with a complete set up service for each platform, including Twittter, Facebook, Wordpress & YouTube. Includes page design, bio copy & our get started guide so you can DIY in-house.

Prices start at £100 per platform.

2 Campaign!

Social media support for a time-limited tactical campaign, including planning, execution, monitoring and reporting.

Prices start at £500 per campaign.

3 Manager!

Social media support or complete management of planning, execution, monitoring and reporting on an ongoing basis.

Prices start at £200 per month.

4 Learn!

A range of products aimed to embed social media thinking and capability into your organisation, from courses delivered to small groups by Skype, all the way to large rapid change events using globally acknowledged experts to facilitate better ways of working within your organisation.

Prices start at £500.