Digital Strategy

The digital jungle gets bigger every day, but budgets are shrinking. What gives?

Revolution approaches digital strategy in a powerful way by starting with your higher objectives. We define your vision, your brand and your offering, identify market gaps then line up client profiles with your strategy, positioning, and messaging until they align. This is the perfect start for building online adventures that engage, excite and evangelise your clients.

Our persona-based analysis will tell you exactly what content you should create for each audience, on which platform and how. This will allow you to plan your digital strategy properly and focus your resrouces effectively. Its a smart way to approach a complex environment.

Core strategy sessions run by entrepreneurs

We find the most efficient way to progress digital strategy for our clients is to start with one or more sessions to capture the strategic cascade, all the way from our client's vision and overall strategy through to their audiences, positioning and messaging. Once that is defined we can be sure our digital strategy is based on solid ground.

More formal services:

Larger companies and executive teams may need a more formal approach to their digital strategy. This takes the same approach as our core strategy sessions but goes into more detail through several workshops and iterations:

  1. Full rebrands
  2. Brand refreshes
  3. Repositionings
  4. Brand books
  5. Competitor benchmarking

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