About Us

'A story with a difference'

Founded by Bruce Elliott, a plastic surgeon, and Dan Bird, an IT systems director, Revolution Digital was inspired by the story of Vision 2020.

After running a mission to an African village with blind children, Vision 2020 noticed that although none of the villagers knew their children's blindness could be cured at the hospital, all of them knew about and drank Coca Cola. The charity realised that healthcare on its own wasn't enough - you have to communicate on the right level to make an impact. Their rebrand allowed them to reach many more children with preventable blindness than they could ever have done otherwise.

Our founding principles have not changed since 2003:

1 Start with intelligence

Intelligent digital strategy works best when it is lined up with wider objectives. So with us, strategy always comes first. We are insight-led from vision all the way to online personality. We set client success as the goal from the beginning.

2 Build adventures from reality

From these rational starting points, we build exciting, engaging online adventures, exploring envelopes using the power of stories and user experience design.

3 Collaboration produces the best work

Our ideas are co-created through open-minded teams working together, based on respect, transparency and agility.

Our culture encrouages innovation and the relentless pursuit of success for our clients. That means we also believe in proactive project management and rock solid customer service.

Client survey results

Feedback keeps Revolution Digital on its toes - here are our most recent results:

  • 98% of our clients said that they could get in touch with us easily
  • 98% of our clients felt we listened carefully to their input
  • 97% of our clients said they were regularly kept up to date with progress